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What Is Tramadol And The Side Effects of Smoking It

Side effects of smoking Tramadol are serious. Learn the facts from Freedom Model Retreats.

What Is Tramadol And The Side Effects of Smoking ItNearly 40,000 people died from opioid overdose in 2011, according to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, statistics reveal that 100 people die every day from a drug overdose in the U.S. One of the drugs being abused is Ultram, otherwise known as Tramadol.

Tramadol is an extended release prescription painkiller and is part of the opioid family that blocks pains in the brain and central nervous system. Tramadol is very effective at changing how the body experiences pain. Similar to morphine, Tramadol attaches to the opioid receptors allowing the individual to cease experiencing pain and have a euphoric sensation.

Excessive and chronic users of Tramadol are at risk of developing a tolerance and becoming physically dependent on the drug. Tolerance means that the individual may require more and more of the drug in order to achieve the same sensation. Long term, continued use of Tramadol can lead to health concerns. Physical dependence on a drug is a need to use as stopping using the drug produces withdrawal symptoms. Tramadol users may experience a number of side effects including: dizziness and drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, insomnia, agitation and nervousness, headache, tremors, heartburn, constipation, sweating, itching, chills, dry mouth. There are a number of serious side effects including seizures, hallucinations, coma, and death

Tramadol is an oral medication that is manufactured in a time release tablet. Individuals should not tamper with or manipulate the recommended method for Tramadol use. Some individuals that use Tramadol inject and snort the drug while others smoke it. Tramadol is intended to be ingested orally and smoking, snorting or injecting it is not only dangerous but also significantly less of a "high" effect. Smoking Tramadol will allow the drug to enter your system through the nasal tissues faster than the oral route but the effect will be less and shorter in duration. When using pills or tablets, Tramadol is not the only ingredient entering your body, the fillers and binders of the pills or tablets can irritate or even permanently damage the body. Binders and fillers which would be flushed out of the system if taken orally can irritate or damage the eyes, cause infections and even permanently damage the lungs as they will build up in the lungs and can't be removed from the lungs.

Smoking Tramadol produces its own side effects including nausea and vomiting, uncontrollable tremors, dizziness and drowsiness, headache, extreme agitation, hallucinations and seizures. Some people heat Tramadol on tin foil and inhale the vapor or fumes that it produces. There is danger in this method of smoking the drug as it leads the individual to take more of the drug which could result in Tramadol overdose.

Mixing Tramadol with alcohol or marijuana can cause serious health risks. Since individually each of these substances act as central nervous system depressants, when combined, they can increase the effects and cause central nervous system depression to the point of respiratory failure, overdose and death. Tramadol also lowers an individual's seizure threshold so it can be dangerous to take it, particularly with the rapid onset of smoking it.

If you have developed a Tramadol habit and you want to quit, it may be necessary to seek detox before entering an alternative program for drugs. Most doctors agree that IV (intravenous) therapy medical detox is the safest and most effective method for detoxing from Tramadol. Intravenous therapy makes it possible for the medication to be adjusted as the opioid withdrawal symptoms change which allow the individual to remain comfortable throughout the process.

After detox, some individuals find it necessary to enroll in a program that can help them rebuild their life after Tramadol use. Freedom Model Retreats can help you get your life back and focus on the things that matter most to you. If you're ready to change your life, get started today. Call us now at 888.424.2626.


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