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The Freedom Model

The Original Non-12 Step Method

Do you want an addiction - a lifelong diagnosis - or do you want to see yourself as having a habit that you can solve completely? Your answer tells you if The Freedom Model and the Saint Jude Retreats are right for you.

The Freedom Model is that definitive solution and is only offered at the Saint Jude Retreats. This revolutionary method dismantles addiction and recovery and provides a path out of both to complete freedom.

Freedom Model Course?The Freedom Model is a 4-6 week course held at our retreats that is a blend of our unique and proprietary curriculum coupled with certified Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) Presenters who will guide you in problem solving your issues rather than treating you as diseased and/or disordered. Are you ready to move on with your life?

The Freedom Model is unlike any program, rehab, treatment center, or modality used in drug and alcohol treatment today. The reason for this stark difference centers on the fact that you can move past addiction and recovery completely if given the correct researched information and techniques. We will show you exactly how to do that at one of our world renowned retreats that offers this revolutionary, non-12 step, non-disease based solution.

The Freedom Model

  • The Freedom Model is a 4-6 week course offered only at the Saint Jude Retreats.
  • The St. Jude Retreats have been helping people with addictions for more than 28 years.
  • The Freedom Model does not corner you into perpetual recovery.
  • The Freedom Model is non-judgmental.
  • The Freedom Model is fact-based and does not rely on questionable or "fashionable research" that has an agenda.
  • The Freedom Model is an educational experience offered at any one of our retreats.
  • The Freedom Model provides the definitive solution to drug and alcohol addiction - freedom!

You can see the vast differences for yourself. Click Here For a Complete listing of The Freedom Model Chapters.

Areas of Need or Interest Outside the Scope of Addiction

Future Planning: Ensuring You HAVE a Plan for Continuing Success WHEN YOU RETURN HOME

As each person's needs, circumstances, and goals are unique, researchers at St. Jude's offer a way to build a customized plan for each individual.

Future Planning addresses areas of need or interest outside the scope of addiction that you choose to work on, to maximize and sustain your personal growth as you complete The Freedom Model and then return home..

For instance, you may need information and logistical support to relocate to a new area after you complete your retreat stay, you might want to go back to college, or maybe you'll need to navigate through a divorce, or re-establish positive family relationships, or discuss career options with your employer, maybe even decide upon a new career field, or find a job for the first time ever. These are all aspects to the Future Planning module at the Saint Jude Retreats.

You will receive a consultation with our Career and Academic Director to determine your best Future Planning choices and the appropriate planning content to address your specific needs in every area you choose.


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