A Typical Day at The Retreats

The Social and Educational Components

Freedom Model Program Daily ScheduleThe following schedule may vary depending upon each guests specific needs.

For each person a typical day will be a bit different depending on their personal needs and which retreat they choose. There is an option to go to the local health club each morning for a workout. Coffee, beverages and a breakfast buffet are prepared and put out each morning for guests to enjoy at their leisure. Guests have a scheduled morning class with their Certified Freedom Model Presenter and then have time to complete that day's Freedom Model Workbook exercises and lessons prior to their afternoon class. Lunch is prepared and served at noon. Guests can schedule private meetings twice per week with their Future Planning Advisor to work on their goals and plans and get those in motion while at the retreat. There are various educational and motivational seminars scheduled during the week from which the guests can choose specific topics that apply to them and their specific situation. Dinner is served most days at 5 PM but varies depending on the retreat and that evening's planned social activities.

As The Freedom Model is a social/educational experience, social activities and experiential learning are important components. As such guests may choose from a variety of on-site and off-site planned social activities throughout their stay: e.g. yoga classes, hikes, movies, Pool, Ping-Pong, Gym/Swimming, Go-Karts, Museums, Indoor Rock Climbing, Ropes Course, horse-back riding, tubing, etc. All activities are optional and a myriad of different activities are planned so guests will have the opportunity to try something new while they are here or perhaps rediscover an activity they used to enjoy. During all activities and from 8AM - Midnight each day guests are in the company of trained staff readily available to assist them and participate actively in the social/educational dynamic. Trained staff are also available at the retreat for private discussions 7 days per week, whenever requested by our guests. It is important to note that if you are seeking a program where every bit of your day, from the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow, is planned for you down to the minute by well-meaning treatment professionals, then The Freedom Model is not for you. If you are seeking an experience that will show you how you can truly take control of every aspect of your own life to build long term success then you have found the correct model that fits those needs. Our goal is to create a homelike environment with the right combination of structure and free time so when our guests leave our retreat they will already have begun to manage their own lives successfully.

Things to know when coming to the retreat

  • Guests should bring clothing and personal articles that they would normally bring on vacation. Additionally, they should bring appropriate clothing for hiking. If it is spring, fall or winter, make sure to bring a warm jacket, boots, gloves and a hat. In the summer there are opportunities for swimming, going to the beach or water park and other summer activities, so packing a bathing suit, sandals, sunscreen and other items appropriate for summer are recommended.

  • Guests are encouraged to bring items that will make their space more personalized and make their stay more pleasant and comfortable for them such as cell phones, laptops, personal music devices with headphones, pictures, books, a musical instrument; (we frequently have musicians attend our program, and a favorite evening activity is an impromptu jam session.) And don't forget your softball or baseball glove, tennis racket, hacky-sack, or other favorite piece of sports equipment that is easily portable.

  • Sundays are Family Days at the Freedom Model Retreats and family and friends are welcome to visit and join us for Sunday Brunch and/or Sunday Dinner. Unlike so many treatment programs who isolate patients from the outside world, guests at the Freedom Model Retreats are permitted to stay in contact with their family and friends throughout their stay via email, phone or text. Guests may also go out on Sundays with their loved ones to see some of the local attractions, go on a picnic, or go shopping.

  • Guests may bring most medications that have been prescribed by their physician. As taking medications such as methadone, suboxone and subutex for the purposes of long term replacement therapy are contrary to The Freedom Model teachings and philosophy and can actually hamper the process of gaining control of your life and making lasting lifestyle changes, they are not permitted at the Freedom Model Retreats. If you feel you will need detox from these medications, or other medications that you have been taking, you can talk with a Family Consultant who can help you find a detox center that is right from you.
    Please talk with a Family Consultant if you have questions about what medications may not be permitted or if you have concerns or questions. Guests are responsible for securing their medications in the lockboxes provided and must take their medications according to their physician's instructions.

  • In accordance with the local laws, smoking is not permitted in our buildings but we do provide designated smoking areas outside. While some people do choose to quit smoking while at the retreats, we understand not all people want to tackle this habit in addition to other habits they are seeking to change. Many people have successfully quit smoking months or years after leaving the retreat when they were ready, utilizing what they learned while enrolled.

  • A guest phone is available for personal calls should the guest not have a personal cell phone.


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