Do I Need A Recovery Community After Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Learn How To Stay Sober Without A Recovery Community Through Freedom Model Retreats

Is a 12 Step Recovery Community After Rehab Necessary?Once you have completed alcohol and drug detoxification or rehabilitation program, the question is often asked whether or not you should join a community based recovery program for ongoing support after rehab. Traditional treatment programs promote the idea that substance use is a disease, and that there is no cure. If you participated in one of those traditional detox or rehab programs, they most likely told you that you will relapse and that you have no control over it. Traditional treatment programs tell you that you will need to attend meetings; group therapy and counseling for the rest of your life.

Traditional treatment programs, such as 12 step programs, leave the substance user with no hope. So why would you want to join a recovery program after alcohol or drug rehab that perpetuates a feeling of hopelessness? There is nothing beneficial in attending meetings where everyone is either angry at the world, or crying because they cannot be successful in sobriety. There is nothing productive that comes from being told you cannot have a normal, healthy life because you have an incurable disease. There is nothing to gain by continuing to make excuses for using alcohol and drugs. There is a better solution and you do have the power to change and build a more purposeful life.

Freedom Model Retreats offers an alternative to traditional treatment programs because treatment programs are ineffective. We are not a 12 step program and we do not offer replacement drugs for substance use. We do not promote the idea that substance use is a disease because it is not a disease. Substance use is a choice.

In our 6 week program, our guests realize through self evaluation and self discovery that they are not powerless and they are not victims. Our guests learn they can choose to take back control of their life by making different, more productive decisions and reinforcing those decisions with habits and behaviors that bring satisfaction and enrichment to life.

The Freedom Model Non-Treatment Program is a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that uses self assessment to help people learn how their thoughts, behaviors and habits are connected to substance use. Where other programs use fear, manipulation, judgment and labels to control actions; the Freedom Model Program builds self confidence, resilience and teaches life skills that will help the substance user move past their circumstances. Becoming empowered to manage life enables substance users to make permanent lifestyle changes and to experience a life free from drug and alcohol use without the need of a life filled with meetings.

As you are going through the Freedom Model Program, your family can also follow the program on the member's only website that is specifically created for them. This better prepares them for your return home and it also gives them a stronger understanding of how the Freedom Model Program works, which helps you to be more successful.

For graduates of our 6 week program who feel they could benefit from more time in the program, they may enroll in the St. Jude Personal Review and Enhancement Program (PREP) for 6 additional weeks of practice, empowerment and enrichment.

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