The Freedom Model Retreat
Completely Private and Confidential
No Record of Being Treated

Private Bedrooms
One-on-One Instruction
Non 12 Step

The Freedom Model Retreat

The Time and Place to Change

Personalized, Non 12 Step, Private, Help

For almost three decades, The Freedom Model Retreat has worked with people who want to move completely beyond addiction and live their lives freely.

The Freedom Model’s revolutionary Non 12 Step Program approach helps even long-time heavy substance users, as well as those who have been in treatment previously, shed their addict and alcoholic identities and become truly free.

Comfortable retreat surroundings, a home-like atmosphere coupled with respect, privacy, and understanding, will help you feel welcome, supported, and capable of finding the best solution to your substance use – this Retreat Experience can help you

One-On-One Help From Our World-Leading Addiction Experts

As a guest at The Freedom Model Retreat, you’ll receive one-on-one help from world-renowned authors and addiction experts Mark Scheeren, Michelle Dunbar and Steven Slate.

Mark Scheeren

Michelle Dunbar

Steven Slate

The Freedom Model Retreat is:

  • The first and only completely non 12 step residential retreat in the country
  • The only residential help available in the country that guarantees complete confidentiality
  • The only residential program with independently verified long term success; highest in the country

The Non-12 Step Program You Have Been Looking For

If you are seeking a place that guarantees complete confidentiality, that is both comfortable and safe, is non-12 step based, where you can take some time away from your everyday life to reflect and open your mind to new possibilities, where you can be immersed in a real solution to your substance use problems, then The Freedom Model Retreat is for you.

The Freedom Model Retreat is a small, private retreat that offers completely personalized services to fit each of our guest’s individual needs to move past addiction and set your life on a new trajectory. Set amongst rolling hills, surrounded by 80 acres of woods and fields, the retreat is a scenic and serene setting in which to explore a new way of thinking about substance use and addiction and to learn how to move past them for good.

A Typical Day at the Retreat

A typical day at the retreat may start with a trip to the local health club with transportation provided by our private car service or you can enjoy a walk around the grounds, or jog along the scenic country road. Then you may have delicious breakfast made to order by our professional chef or enjoy a cup of coffee on one of our decks overlooking the heated, in-ground swimming pool, hot tub and grounds. After breakfast you will have your first completely private Freedom Model class of the day with one of our certified Freedom Model Instructors in a classroom set up for your comfort and privacy. You will have some time after class to work independently in your Freedom Model workbook, make contact with your business or family as needed, or simply relax in front of our fireplace with a good book. Lunch is served at Noon and then you will have your scheduled afternoon class. Once again, it is completely private. If you chose not to attend the gym in the morning, then you may decide to go later in the afternoon, or you may choose to have a massage, or do yoga with our certified yoga instructor. You will have time in the afternoon to talk with the retreat director privately or meet with your instructor to request supplemental materials or continue your discussion from class.

Dinner is served around 5:00 PM and evenings are set up for social time and relaxation. There is an array of outings set up for you during the evenings and throughout the weekends from which you can choose. Outings are planned based on requests from our guest population. With just six guests at the retreat at a time we are able to accommodate special dietary needs and wants as well as requests for specific outings and social activities.

For the outdoor enthusiast, the retreat sits on acres of forest and meadows, with a bass pond for fishing (or ice skating in the winter months). During the fall and winter months, the home has a cozy warm feeling complete with a fireplace sitting room, rustic beams, and Adirondack Mountain inspired trimmings and decor. The retreat is located within a short drive from museums, shopping, live theater, sports venues, historic sites, scenic mountains and hiking trails, and an array of activities.

No Record of Being Treated

As the retreat is not an addiction treatment facility, but is instead a social/educational retreat experience, there are no records kept of your stay with us, making The Freedom Model Executive Retreat the most confidential retreat in the country. This is important to both the professional who has a lot to lose if a record of being treated is generated, as well as the young person who has made some mistakes and is ready to launch in life without being encumbered by an addiction diagnosis and record of being treated as well. At your request only, we will be happy to provide written documentation of your stay with us to anyone you wish including your family, attorney, or legal entity – but again, only at your specific request.


For the spa fanatic, a dry Sauna located adjacent to a marble shower is a wonderful feature for those looking to relax from the outside world. The sauna is adjacent to the massage room. A private massage therapist will be available to you on a weekly basis; offering Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Hot Rocks Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and more. A personal chef will be preparing your meals and can meet any personal dietary needs. Private car service is also provided at this retreat.

Freedom Model Retreat Gallery


  • Outdoor Heated Pool (seasonal: May 1 – Oct 1)
  • Outdoor Hot Tub (year round)
  • Dry Sauna
  • Stocked Fishing Pond
  • Basketball Court
  • Home Theatre
  • Local Golf Course
  • Gym Membership
  • On-site Laundry
  • Car Service



The Executive Retreat will provide you with all the amenities you desire while being able to remain truly focused on making changes in your life without stress and worry. Not only is this retreat exclusive, your privacy is a top priority while you’re a guest in our home and long after you leave.

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“If someone told me I would be given myself my life back and its going to be better that its ever been before, I’d say they were crazy! Wait, that’s what happened. I will be forever grateful.”