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Freedom Model Program PreviewYou should not expect that your problems will go away just because you have written about them in your workbook. To achieve the best possible personal growth you will need to analyze what you have written and then build a thorough plan to move past it. If you do not complete this you will once again end up concentrating on negative aspects of your life which will, in turn, create even more damage.

By now your autobiography should be a solid historical account of those aspects of your thoughts and emotions that caused you a certain level of dissatisfaction in your life. This chapter will help you identify and condense the information you have written in your workbook and/or notebook into fundamental behaviors that need to be changed if you are to attain successful living...

...Have you ever sat back and wondered how and why happy people seem to have charmed lives? Why can't you live in this blessed manner? The truth is you can too. Study your autobiography carefully. If your autobiography has been done correctly, it will show you that your life has not been predominantly one of loving and unselfish service to others. If it is not an account detailing some self-centered, selfish and immature behaviors then you probably wrote a biography of the person you hoped people saw, rather than detailing the darker side of your life. This, of course, is not to say that anyone who writes an autobiography in this program is a "bad" person. The Freedom Model does not make such judgments. However, your autobiography should be an accurate account of those aspects of your life that you would like to change. For some, there is a lot of work; for others, less so. Everyone has a good side that does not need changing. However, the purpose of this exercise is to get rid of the habits that bring emotional pain, and this cannot be done if we paint rosy pictures of ourselves. Be truthful, and it becomes much easier to change for the better. Everyone can benefit from self-evaluation, no matter how good they are...

...When we make the decision to change, the actual decision means little until it is backed up with repetitive positive action. This is another important component of positive neuroplastic brain change: creating new beneficial habits, while simultaneously destroying old negative behaviors. Your new actions enable these valuable habits to form, and major positive neuroplastic alterations are made. Once repeated physical implementation of your new thoughts and emotions makes this new lifestyle the norm, the old lifestyle and its accompanying misery will truly become nothing more than bad memories. Given enough time and patience, even the memories fade away. Those neuronal pathways supporting your negative habits that were once the brain's infrastructure will slowly wither as the new pathways are generated and used with regularity...

...The Jude Thaddeus Program process of analyzing the past has a very different goal from that of free association where you might lie on the classic psychiatric couch spilling out your misery over and over. The goal of the Jude Thaddeus Program® is to help you to let go of negative thinking and negative behavior once and for all and learn to strive for a positive future. If you find that your motive while writing is to dwell in your misery, then stop and ask yourself whether you really want to change. The fun part of the program begins now. That is building your future on the basis of the five axioms. It is time to move forward in the process of building a new future full of promise and purpose!

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