5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Alcoholism Help

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Signs Your Loved One Needs Help With AlcohlismIf you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol use, you may find it difficult to determine if their use has reached the point when help is required. You may have asked yourself many times how you will know when your family member or friend's excessive use of alcohol warrants the need for assistance. To help guide you, here are 5 signs your loved one needs alcoholism help.

1. Their health is in decline.

It may be necessary for your loved one to get help for alcohol use if their health is in decline and they still will not stop their consumption. Diagnosis of critical medical conditions, repeat visits to the hospital and doctor, increased doses of medication to treat liver, kidney and other medical problems are all signs that alcohol use is taking its toll on health and that it is time to seek alcohol assistance. Making the decision to stop alcohol use, to enter a detox or treatment program and continued cessation of alcohol use can help your loved one begin to get healthier.

2. Relationships are falling apart.

If your loved one's relationships are broken and falling apart because of their alcohol use, it may be necessary for them to seek assistance. When you are a bystander or spectator in the life of someone who is engaged in excessive alcohol use, it is hard to watch them self destruct. As the loved one continues to consume alcohol, it seems as if they don't care who they hurt with their behavior. Those who care for them usually begin to distance themselves. If your loved one is losing their spouse, partner or significant other, or if you are the one making the decision to leave the relationship because of their excessive alcohol use, your loved one may need help.

3. Daily responsibilities are becoming unmanageable.

Excessive alcohol use can take over the life of the drinker. As health problems ensue, and relationships begin to fall apart, it is only a matter of time before daily responsibilities such as work or school also begin to suffer. There are many heavy alcohol users who are able to manage the regular routines of their lives, however for some excessive alcohol users, they struggle to maintain work responsibilities and school assignments. Supervisors and professors will allow excuses for so long until the reality of termination or expulsion hits. If your loved one has been fired or suspended from school, this may be an indicator that their alcohol use is out of control and they need help.

4. Mental or emotional problems develop or worsen.

In some cases people begin to exhibit symptoms of emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety and volatile mood swings as their alcohol consumption increases. And for those who have already been diagnosed with a psychiatric or psychological disorder their symptoms typically become more severe with excessive alcohol use. These can be indicators that your loved one may need help with their drinking. People with emotional problems may try to ease the symptoms by self medicating with alcohol and other drugs which only exacerbates their symptoms.

5. They report that they cannot stop their use on their own.

If your loved one has tried to stop their alcohol use many times on their own, but they always seem to fail, this is a sign that your loved one may need help. For those heavy alcohol users who have become alcohol dependent and experience debilitating withdrawal symptoms, stopping abruptly can be dangerous. many who attempt to stop on their own, especially when excessive alcohol use has been the rule, give up and start drinking again . This can be a sign that your loved one needs help with their alcoholism.

Freedom Model Retreats can help your loved one with their alcohol use problem. We are a non-treatment program that uses Cognitive Behavioral Learning to help our guests use self assessment and self change to take back control of their life from alcohol use permanently.

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Prof. Peter Venturelli Ph.D. Valparaiso University in Indiana

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