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Chapter 13: The Freedom Model

Our qualitative research with course graduates that consider themselves successful and happy repeatedly turns up the same theme: they realized they were free to choose. They tell us the most important thing they learned was that they had a choice. Everyone else was telling them that they were imprisoned by the disease of addiction, and then they finally learned from our course that they were free all along.

We've been showing you that nobody is enslaved to substance use. Nobody is ingesting substances against their will. Nobody is "out of control" of their drinking or drugging. It is only their beliefs in the addictive power of substances, the powerlessness caused by an imaginary disease and other recovery mythology that makes people feel out of control and enslaved to substances. In short, to be an addict or alcoholic is to take on a negative learned self-image. You don't have to identify in this limiting way, let people push you into this social role, or wear this label any longer. It is your choice to make. If you choose to let go of this identity permanently, you will never again feel addicted. All you have to do is see through the limiting beliefs of the recovery ideology, and grasp onto a more empowering self-image. Then you will feel your true freedom of choice.

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