How To Find A Drug or Alcohol Rehab For Your Teenager

Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

How To Find A Drug or Alcohol Rehab For Your TeenagerThe last thing a parent wants to do is send their teen to an alcohol and/or drug rehab program before they drive their first car or go to the prom, but for many parents the hard decision to help their child is typically made long before that. The Freedom Model Program caters to all ages, especially teenagers. As a parent you can simply sign your child into our program if they are under the age of 18 years old. In our program, the instructors teach our social educational program differently for this younger age demographic. The curriculum will be based on the teens present life rather than focusing on the past, mostly due to the fact that a teenager has most likely not had a long history of drug and alcohol use.

The one thing that can give you peace of mind is that your child is not addicted for the rest of their life. Even though your son or daughter is not making the best choices right now, it does not mean they will have to live with those choices and consequences forever. It has been proven that addiction is not a disease but simply a repetitive habit which can be broken at any time.

Teenagers are in an immature state of mind which is why so many are experimenting with drugs and alcohol. This does not validate or excuse any illegal behavior but at times as the parent, you must reflect back on your own teenage years. Think to yourself: Did you experiment with drugs and alcohol as a young teen/adult? Are you still using or was that a phase in your life? Most people in the age range of 14-22 have done so, but through the nature progress of maturity most grow out of these habits and so can an adolescent or young adult.

Are there signs?

  • Mood swings, extremely withdrawn, red eyes, secrecy, long-term sadness and depression
  • Sudden need for an excess of cash, loose pills, moved pill bottles in cabinets or small empty bags

If you teen is using the best thing you can do for them is sit down and have a calm and non-accusatory talk. Being over critical or frantic is not effective or beneficial to you or your teen and will leave both of you extremely frustrated. It is also important to remember that while you do control your own household; it is impossible to control your teen's thoughts, behaviors and ultimately their choices.

The Freedom Model Program is here to help and we will not put your teen through years and years of negative "revolving door" treatment such as traditional residential alcohol and drug treatment facilities do. This treatment for addiction that most programs provide can cause a life-long struggle to overcome a disease that isn't even real and therefore not treatable. In our program they will be taught the tools they need to overcome these problems and begin a successful new future in a positive and motivational manner.

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