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Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Addiction And The Solution

Freedom Model Retreats Provides A Permanent Solution To Teen Prescritpiton Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse Addiction Among Teens

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Addiction And The SolutionA common occurrence for teens has become attending "pharm parties" in which teens will dump all their and their parent's prescription drugs into a fish bowl, mix them up and then take them by the handfuls. Prescription drug use among teens has increased in the U.S. If your teen is struggling with prescription drug use or addiction and is in need of help, there is a proven solution.

There are many reasons why prescription drug use and "addiction" is a danger among teens, but perhaps the biggest danger is the potential for developmental damage. Teens that use prescription drugs heavily put their present health at risk; however, they also put their developmental futures at risk as well. The body experiences important developmental changes between the ages of 12 and 20. These changes are not simply physical, but are psychological as well.

Best Program For Teens

Your teen may need assistance if they are using prescription drugs. The best teen program will be centered on the facets of teen life such as peer pressure, decision making, and academic progress, how they spend their free time and choosing friends. It is possible that your teen may need to go to a detox program before they are ready to enter a program to help them overcome substance use. There are solutions for teen prescription drug abuse.

Most physicians agree that a medical detox program is the best detox because it allows the medication to be changed as the withdrawal symptoms change which keeps the patient comfortable throughout the process. If you are unsure as to whether or not your teen needs detox, check with your doctor.

Emphasis On Flase Beliefs

Unfortunately drug treatment and rehab programs implement the 12 step model that emphasizes the false belief that drug use is a disease. 12 step philosophy teaches that the only way to treat drug use is through surrendering to a higher power, abstinence and lifelong meetings and counseling. One of the problems with this belief practice is that it gives the teen the idea that they cannot help their prescription drug use and it is not their fault because they are diseased. 12 step ideology also take away any hope of moving on with life because it teaches that once diseases always diseased.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a non-treatment program that is based on Cognitive Behavioral Learning and teaches that you are not diseased, but are simply making counterproductive choices that have high negative consequences. The six week Freedom Model Program teaches guests to implement self change techniques and self assessment to make choices and decisions that are more productive and enriching. Our guests learn to from behaviors and habits that are positive and they are empowered to have a life that is permanently free from prescription drug use.

Parents Can Follow Along

Freedom Model Retreats encourage families to follow the program at home and have created a website especially for the families of our guests called the Freedom Model Corner. Additionally, we invite families to our facility on Sundays to enjoy brunch with your family member on our family day.

Some teens benefit from attending PREP (Personal Review and Enhancement Program) – which is an additional six week program that continues after the initial six week program concludes. PREP can help to reinforce the program and better prepare your teen for when they return home.


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