Does My Teen Have a Vicodin Addiction?

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Does My Teen Have a Vicodin Addiction?It is very important to understand what Vicodin is if you believe your teen is struggling with a Vicodin addiction; and it's also very important to understand that your teen can stop, live a productive life again, and ultimately have absolute control over their lives.

Vicodin and other narcotic pain relievers are quickly becoming popular recreational drugs among teens in this country. This may be due to easy accessibility of the drugs and their relatively lower cost as compared to other recreational drugs. The first few times teens use Vicodin they may need a small amount to feel high, but with repeated use, the body builds a tolerance to the Vicodin. This leads the user to take higher and stronger doses to achieve the same high. As use increases and the body adjust to higher doses, users may begin mixing alcohol and other drugs chasing that ever elusive high. This can lead to accidental overdose and possible death.

It's important to know that many traditional 12 step programs will claim that Vicodin users develop a chemical dependence on the drugs which renders them incapable of stopping the usage. The truth is that while Vicodin use does affect the brain and the cells, at no point does the individual lose the power of choice. A teen can stop usage at any point in time, and while they may experience withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable or even painful for some, their bodies do return to normalcy after the detox process is complete. The only reason why teens seem to become victims of Vicodin is because they think about getting high on it constantly.

Think of your own habits, maybe you're a coffee drinker; and you have a cup every morning. By now the process of fixing that first cup may be automated and you can make it half awake because it has become a habitual routine for you. That is why many users claim that their drug use happens without them even thinking about it. Now back to you, think about what happens if one day you don't have your morning coffee, you most likely will think about it throughout the day, and you may go to great lengths to have a cup. You can deny it or not, but that coffee will be on your mind all day! This is exactly the same for drug use in your teen; it may have become a habit that they think about repeatedly.

The reason why teens also may feel "addicted" or "dependent" on Vicodin is because what they have seen or read through the media and on the internet; and also what they may learned through their friends who have gone to drug rehab centers or if they have been to one. Traditional drug rehab centers tell people that if they use these drugs they will become hopelessly addicted. This is misinformation is harmful. By teaching people that they are an addict for life, drug rehab centers and addiction professionals take away two key components for that person's success: responsibility for their actions and hope for a better future. It's important to remember that most teens go through the detox process from Vicodin and other narcotics without ever needing medication or treatment. And even at the most difficult point in the detox process teens have the ability to choose whether or not to use.

In an effort to keep your teen safe, it is important to talk to your teens in a manner that is open, kind and non-judgmental. Ask questions about drug use among their friends, and talk openly about the potential dangers of Vicodin use, especially when mixing it with alcohol and other drugs. The Freedom Model Program also offers excellent services to help families and solutions for successful interventions. If you have questions about how to approach your teen about their Vicodin use, call today. We are happy to explain how our methods work, and are so unique and effective at helping teens to overcome their drug problems. Maybe your teen has been looking for a quick fix for happiness through Vicodin, but we can truly help them discover the path to their own success. Call today to talk to a family consultant.


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