TEMPUR-PEDIC Donates 120 Mattresses to the Freedom Model Retreats

Freedom Model is always looking to improve our guest experience, and this will help us do just that.

Every time a vendor donates to Freedom Model, those savings and services are passed on to our guests and their families. The famous bedding manufacturer, Tempur-Pedic partnered with Freedom Model and has donated 120 mattresses to our retreats. Unlike many hotel chains that keep mattresses for long periods of time, Freedom Model replaces all the mattresses in each retreat 2 times per year. This is a huge expense. With this donation, we have been able to continue to keep our high level of guest satisfaction, while remaining affordable. As a research not-for-profit that deals directly with the public need, this donation goes a long way to fulfilling Freedom Model goal to continue to be the benchmark on our industry. We look forward and are honored to serve you or your loved one.


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