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The Hidden Costs

Chapter 22: The Freedom Model

Although you make your choices based on perceived benefits, the costs are also a factor when deciding to make a change, so discussion of them can't be avoided. That is why we have written this chapter, but before we dive into the costs let's make sure we're clear about the benefits. The PDP motivates you in the direction where you see the most benefits. Until now you've been moving toward some problematic level of substance use. What is it that moves you there? What are the benefits that you see in it? What are your reasons for preferring this style of substance use? We ask that you don't read ahead, don't turn the page; just take the time to think of what you like about heavy substance use and your reasons below. (Please note: if you've come to think there are no benefits and you no longer want to use substances, then write from the perspective of when you were still using; what were the benefits you perceived at that point in time.)

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