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Chapter 3: The Freedom Model

By the time you're done with this book, you will know that it's actually quite simple to "overcome an addiction." This will be achieved by learning that you're free now and have been free all along to change your substance use, and that there is actually no addiction to be overcome. However, for most people it's not as simple as us telling you that you're in control and then having you snap your fingers and change. If it were we would give you a one-page pamphlet rather than a long, detailed, well-cited text. To change the beliefs that keep you feeling trapped we offer a critical analysis of the popular mythology about addiction and substances and an alternative to it: The Freedom Model.

We understand that most of you probably want the answers to the most basic questions surrounding addiction right away. So we're going to provide those now in their simplest form, with the caveat that much more discussion may be needed to truly understand them and that further discussion will be provided throughout the rest of the book.

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