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As you complete the program, we would like to take this time to wrap up the entire SJP process in a way that is easy to understand. Here's what you've accomplished so far.

You understand there is no disease that renders you powerless over substances and your behaviors. You understand that you have full power to choose to use substances or remain drug-free, and that this choice is an event, not a lifelong struggle. You know that using drugs and alcohol is a quick fix; leading only to short term happiness. You understand the basics of neuroplasticity and the Freedom Model. You have been taught about the Natural Axioms. This knowledge can bring you to a deeper and more sustaining level of personal understanding and happiness. You have worked hard through your autobiographical accounts to recognize the choices that have lead you to an unsatisfying way of life.

You know where you have been at fault; therefore you know what you need to change in yourself so you can find greater purpose and satisfaction in your life. You know the path to joyous living is through adapting to an ever-changing world and maturing out of an immature way of thinking and living. You've built a set of new external and internal self-images which if worked toward, will bring much greater self-worth and happiness.

You know that you can reconnect with your heart and Soul by practicing charity, prayer and reflection. You can embrace these actions as daily habits to give your life more meaning, perspective and purpose. You understand that your emotions are ultimately under your control and that they serve as a gauge to help bring you more joy.

You have allowed yourself to dream again through the goal-setting process. You know without your dreams and aspirations life can seem pointless and empty. You can now create a better life by working constantly towards your goals and re-evaluating them periodically. You have learned that by working toward your daily and long term goals consistently, you are fulfilling your new self-images, maturing and amending yourself. This maturation allows you to repair, rebuild and strengthen your relationships with others on their terms, thus reinforcing your belief in yourself, the future and those around you. You know you can become an active participant in life bringing good-will towards all of humanity. As that occurs, you will experience a life of sheer joy and fulfillment.

And lastly, you can now move on with the knowledge that you were born as a problem-solving being, blessed with a changeable brain, an adaptable body, a free mind, a set of controllable emotions, and a group of natural axioms that are based on your intrinsic desire for greater happiness. Armed with these truths we sincerely hope you strive forward to achieve your dreams and build a life that benefits you and all those around you. This is, after all, why you were created.

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