How Much Does Rehab Cost?

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How much does rehab cost?

Too much. I’m not saying that rehab is too costly based on
a monetary value alone (even though many unscrupulous rehab chains gouge both
health insurance carriers and families). It’s too costly because rehabs teach addiction
mythology that actually does more harm than good. It is not happenstance that we
currently have more rehabs across the nation, while also having the highest overdose
rates in our nation’s history. Also, the rate of overall use has remained stable, with no
reduction in any drug use classification. The point being that we as a nation spend 36
billion dollars per year on rehab and the problem is worse than ever. Doesn’t that cause
one to pause and ask why?

Well, it did with me. I began researching the effectiveness of rehabs across the nation
and internationally as well, and found that the disease of addiction myth along with the
loss of control myths, and the powers of drugs mythology being taught in rehabs
everywhere was creating the high death rates, and the current crisis we see in the
streets of America. While there are other causes for these sad and needless
ramifications, teaching people they are powerless and hopeless, and keeping the theory
alive that a rehab facility must, “break you down to build you back up”, are some of the
main culprits behind the unfortunate results we see today.
Rehab costs need to be tallied in the damage it causes and in the money they extract
from vulnerable families. It is expensive monetarily, and the disease theory, the family
disease theory, and all the other myths they are peddling simply muddies the waters on
the facts. The fact is, people can and do get over their problems with drugs and alcohol,
and they do so in great numbers outside the treatment industry. The question is how?
And this is covered in masterful detail throughout The Freedom Model for Addictions.
People can be free and move past the trappings of rehab and recovery! It’s time to
make these facts known.

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