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What Happens in Addiction Rehab?

Not too many good things happen in addiction rehab. I realize this was not what you expected to hear, but it’s true. Addiction rehab is based on the faulty premise that you cannot control your choices and that you are a mindless victim of the elusive powers contained in drugs. None of this is actually factual. Yes, people do feel hopeless. However, that is a feeling, a state of mind, and not an inevitability if you use substances, even habitually. However, addiction rehab teaches their patients just exactly that regardless of the fact that drugs and alcohol do not inherently contain addictiveness like an orange contains vitamin c. And here is why this is important:

What happens in addiction rehab is that people are taught to think as victims, not as powerful agents building their own destinies. When you adhere to the addiction rehab mantra that you will always crave, even in “recovery”, you are taking on the myths of the false addiction disease idea. This does nothing but build a slow degradation into hopelessness and the feeling of losing your free will to a lifeless substance.

After thirty years of research, the myths of addiction and perpetual recovery that are promoted in addiction rehabs across the country have been exposed in a book called The Freedom Model. It is time to address exactly what happens in addiction rehab, and provide a solution that counters the misinformation that is being taught there. It is time to promote freedom, not addiction.

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Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Treatment Centers

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