What Is Addiction Rehab?

What Is Addiction Rehab?

Most people know addiction rehab from the stories they hear in the media, from loved ones who went to rehab, or because they attended an addiction rehab at some point. This perspective is the commonly held experience people have with rehabs, as most rehabs are 12 step oriented, and are a control-based model. Addiction rehabs of this ilk are highly ineffective, and in some cases cause a person’s chances of success in sobriety to actually go down. The good news is there is an alternative to this common treatment method, The Freedom Model. 

Not all people want to attend an addiction rehab because they know that addiction treatment does not work. And so they seek anything that is not 12 step related, or they look for any model that does not push the addiction disease narrative. They do not want an addiction rehab’s staff to label them as alcoholic or as a drug addict, as they simply desire a way to move past their habit and stage in life. This is not a small point. The idea that you can move past an addiction without being a part of a “recovery” centered lifestyle is unheard of in the addiction rehab world. Rehabs always push the need for endless recovery. But it doesn’t need to be that way, The Freedom Model has no need for the trappings of recovery.

So while addiction rehab is the common model that exists in Western culture today, it is slowly becoming obsolete. Non-12 step models are becoming commonplace, and now there are at home options such as Freedom Model Private Instruction that are replacing outpatient addiction rehabs. The great news is that individuals struggling with an addiction are not stuck in a one size fits all addiction rehab system any longer! 

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