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Freedom Model Program PreviewThe question is why would people choose self-pity or fear over happiness? Simply put, they don't or rather they don't know this what they are doing. Their self-pity or fear literally becomes their "normal" condition. They are not rejecting happiness in favor of self-pity and fear, but rather they are clinging to their self-pity and fear as their learned level of comfort. As time passes and they continue these thoughts, it becomes far more frightening to think beyond their neuroplastic learned behavior than to stay the same.

Life's progress never stops and everyone must learn to adapt. Some of the most successful people, after completing this program, have been astounded at the level of immaturity with which they had been living.

To find out how open you are to the process of personal change, a further understanding of certain universal life truths is needed. There are certain indisputable axioms that do not change. Maturity (accepting the ability to change oneself) and joy are the results of enthusiastically embracing and putting these truths into action. For most people, maturity is simply a function of living. As people grow older they see the ineffectiveness of hanging onto old ideas that seemed to work when they were adolescents, but do not work in adulthood...

... What are the Axioms?

There are certain life truths (e.g. "the only constant is change") that guide people to a level of maturity which produces happiness and success. This program will discuss exactly how you have behaved in ways that are in conflict with these truths, and how this has caused you unhappiness and an unsatisfying life. Once these topics are covered in detail, we will teach you how to live with these truths and find security and a joyful life. Many times we are asked who established these axioms and what makes them indisputable? Rest assured, we did not come up with these ideas ourselves. Baldwin Research Institute is a research organization. All of the material you will learn has been thoroughly researched. The axioms are what we discovered through researching hundreds of different cultures and religions from all over the world. We boiled down the positive commonalities they all shared and set them forth as the following material.

There are five major axioms that guide people to success, regardless of their circumstances. Three are listed below and the fourth and fifth are explained in subsequent chapters. The first three are as follows:

1. The only constant is change.

2. You are what you think.

3. Happiness is the most effective motivating factor in the human condition...

... All choices have an effect on the person who makes them. Stable, happy, mature individuals tend to function by putting their energies into activities that bring happiness over the long run. Unstable, sporadically happy, immature people have a tendency to choose the short term instant gratification happiness. This could be crack users who have lost their families because of their drug use, overweight individuals who suffer heart attacks, or gamblers who lose their homes and retirement funds.

Stable individuals invest in their futures. They "grow up." Unhappy people tend to seek satisfaction in chasing glimmers of happiness, sometimes for years on end, never bothering to ask whether it is worth the price they are paying for these brief moments of pleasure. Then the consequences for their choices hit them. It is at the stage that life changing events occur for many. The rest of this program is designed to show you how to move past instant gratification pleasure seeking (immature) and toward deferred gratification (mature) to experience of joy and happiness. It is not the fact that "Happiness is the most effective motivating factor in the human condition" that causes substance users so much misery. It is the misuse of this axiom. Their approach is "I will find happiness the quickest and easiest possible way!" Substance users certainly understand happiness as a motivator, but they pick ineffective and often destructive ways to achieve it. They tend not to look at other options that might provide a deeper sense of satisfaction and lasting joy. For most of our readers this all makes sense. However, a more detailed look at some stumbling blocks and solutions to finding happiness will be discussed in the next chapters.

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