What To Do After I Detox?

Saint Jude's Can Help You After A Detox Program

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You have made arrangements to enter detox and now you want to know what happens next – what to do after I detox. For some individuals, there is no need for an after detox program, since there is not medical treatment, those individuals go back to their life. However for many others, they need the support of a program after detox to help them rebuild their life. Some programs offer counseling, spiritual instruction, life coaching and mentoring while others offer various motivational learning ways, holistic ways, and non 12 step options as well. Attending a program after you detox can be very beneficial and can increase your chances of not returning to substance use.


The most common program that people seek out after detox is a 12 step program without really knowing a lot about the program and how it works. The philosophy of a 12 step program, like AA or NA, teaches the false belief that substance use is an incurable brain disease. They teach that you inherited an alcoholic or addict gene that has been passed down from generation to generation. They also teach that you are powerless in your substance use and that you will return to it, all of which is not very uplifting and hopeful.

12 step programs also teach that the only treatment for substance use – remember they don’t believe that there is a cure – is abstinence, lifelong meetings and belief in a higher power. Remember the part about being powerless and that you will return? If their idea of treatment is abstinence – and they are telling you that you will fail at abstaining – what is the purpose?


Another after detox program is a more mind, body and spirit approach to wellness. Some individuals find that acupuncture, yoga and meditation and vitamin therapy are very useful in helping them keep the stress in their life contained so that it does return to substance use. This approach for after detox programs works for some individuals, but not for everyone.


If you are looking for a program that will help you rebuild your life after detox and will be encouraging, Saint Jude Retreats offers a highly successful Program. We are not a 12 step program and we do not subscribe to a substance use is a disease mentality. You are not diseased and you do not have a gene that makes you use drugs and alcohol. You learned to use drugs and alcohol and you can learn not to use drugs and alcohol.

Our four week program teaches self assessment and self change to help our guests reevaluate their decisions and choices and to make choices and decisions that are more productive. Our guests learn to develop habits and to form behaviors that are positive and bring enhancement to their life. Guests discover that they are not powerless in their substance use and that they have the strength to take back control of their life.

Saint Jude Retreats has been helping individuals for more than twenty years and we can help you as well.




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