Xanax Addiction Information

Xanax Addiction Rehab Information

Xanax Addiction InformationXanax (Alprazolam) is a part of the class of drugs called Benzodiazepines; also know as Benzo's.

Xanax is prescribed to people as a temporary solution for moderate anxiety, nervous tension, acute stress and panic attacks. Xanax is a depressant. It is sometimes referred to as a mild tranquilizer.

Xanax has found its way from pharmacies to drug dealers, and is being abused by those not needing the drug for medical reasoning, but commonly used in combination with other stimulants, from alcohol to cocaine.

When abused, Xanax are often taken orally, chewed, crushed and snorted, or crushed and injected.

Xanax has depressant effects on the brain, very similar to the effect of alcohol and sedatives. They enhance the action of receptors that inhibit central nervous system stimulation, and, inhibit the action of receptors that stimulate the nervous system. In laymen's terms, if the nervous system were a car, these drugs help slow down the car but make it harder to speed up again. Below are common affects.

  • Hard time concentrating
  • disconnected feelings
  • confusion and memory loss
  • slowed heartbeat/breathing
  • excessive sleep and tiredness

Essentially, withdrawal symptoms for the tranquilizers feel like the opposite of the therapeutic effects. Xanax can produce severe withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms, that are similar to those in alcohol withdrawal

  • rapid heartbeat
  • anxiety
  • shaky hands
  • insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • sweating
  • irritability

More than 22,000 Xanax-related emergency-room visits were reported in the United States in 2000, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


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